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Exchange your security
deposit for a Bailsman

100 €
5 000 €
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No need to pay a security deposit to your landlord and tie up your cash. Bailsman will guarantee your security deposit amount for a small monthly fee.

Pay only in case your landlord makes a claim.

How does it work?

  1. Receive an invitation from your landlord.

  2. Check if the guarantee is available for you. You will get the answer in few seconds. Bailsman guarantees are secured by registered financial institutions.

  3. Create an account and sign the contract.

  4. You pay a small fee for the guarantee period in monthly payments or in one total payment.

    Once during the guarantee period, your landlord has a possibility to file a claim against you. In that case, your guarantee ends. If your landlord files a claim, you will have 7 days to pay the amount or negotiate it with your landlord. After that if the claim is still open and unpaid, the sum is paid out to the landlord by Bailsman via registered financial institution. After that you can plan your repayment with the registered financial institution.

    Want to know more? Read our FAQ

Why use Bailsman?

Your cash is not tied up with large security deposits, which are very rarely used.

Statistically, there are less unlawful claims by landlords if the cash is held somewhere else.

Get a response to your application within minutes.

Our fee is lower than most credit institutions would ask for a loan of the same amount.

We have reliable partners

Bailsman guarantees are provided by registered financial institutions, letting you sleep without a worry.